How to Make the Most of Your Attorney/Client Relationship

Courthouse PictureTo get maximum value from your attorney/client relationship, be sure to follow these easy tips:

Give your attorney all the information (s)he needs. Your attorney is retained to represent your interests. To do that effectively, (s)he needs to hear all the facts from you. Forgetting, withholding or not considering information that might have an impact on your case can be detrimental to outcomes under the law. Be sure to apprise your attorney of all facts that have bearing on your case. Consider your history, prior legal issues, financial concerns and lifestyle.

Do not assume you know how the legal system works based on what others tell you. Not everything you hear about the legal system is true, and not every case is the same. Procedures for processing arrests, arraignment and trial may have changed. In some cases, the law itself may have changed. Your attorney might approach your case from a different vantage point than another attorney would.

Your attorney’s job is to draw on his/her experience and continuous legal education to make sure your case is handled fairly and expeditiously under the law. If you have questions, ask your attorney to explain his/her approach to your case.

If you have been arrested, ask immediately for help in contacting an attorney. Then cooperate with the police. Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. Be polite. Do not try to talk your way out of the arrest. What you say during an arrest may hurt you later in court.

Ask your attorney what you can expect. Understanding process and procedure can reduce the stress of uncertainty. Learn what to expect regarding access to your attorney (hours available and how to make contact), what your case fee covers, attorney/client privilege and the answers to other questions you may have.

Remember that your attorney has your best interest in mind. Given the unknowns of litigation, it may be hard for you to trust the process. That’s why it is important to choose an attorney you like and trust to work on your behalf. If you don’t know an attorney, ask trusted business colleagues, friends, mentors or family members to recommend an attorney they trust. Check your attorney’s references and ratings at sites such as and

Also feel free to contact Daley Law at 321-504-9935 for assistance or a referral to an attorney who will suit your needs. We are always happy to help.

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