Beware of Deceptive Auto Warranty Notices


BEWARE OF SLICK OFFERS           Photo courtesy: Dreamstime Stock Photos, ID: 192479 © Olga Vasilkova

State Attorney Phil Archer has released a consumer warning about one of “the most annoying and deceptive marketing campaigns” he has seen recently. Auto Warranty companies send important-looking postcards and letters with an eye-catching warnings that the recipient’s auto warranty is about to expire. That often is not the case, but the company is soliciting takers for extended warranty or auto warranty coverage that it sells on behalf of other companies.

This high-pressure sales tactic often comes with demand for a down-payment and your personal financial information before providing their own details about their service contract. Stay alert! Never provide financial or sensitive information, such as bank account, credit card, social security, or driver’s license information or other personal history to solicitors. That information may be used to defraud unsuspecting customers.

The State Attorney says: if you have questions about your warranty, contact your auto dealer, check your manual, or contact the vehicle manufacturer. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

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