DUI Convictions Stick with You — Call Attorney to Safeguard Rights

young woman in panic

Woman in a Panic photo courtesy of dreamstime.com

So you’ve been out partying, and your partying affected your judgment. After partaking, you got in the driver’s seat. Perhaps, you’ve had only one beer with dinner and are not intoxicated. But, when heading home, you get pulled over by the police.  Suddenly, you’re arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated.

Now what? Avoid panicking and call for legal help. Don’t be tempted to handle the legal logistics yourself. Some people think a DWI or DUI offense is not serious. It is, and the risk to your future can be great. In addition to a driver’s license suspension or revocation, a DUI/DWI arrest and/or conviction may appear on background checks and can influence future hiring decisions; time spent on court appearances or a jail sentence may affect your ability to do your current job; personal relationships also may suffer. You also could face higher auto insurance premiums over the course of your life, and/or be viewed as a bad credit risk.

In the event of an arrest, steer clear of added trouble: Whether this is your first time in a court room, or you’ve had prior offenses, contact a qualified criminal attorney who is passionate about fighting to preserve your rights and reputation. A skilled attorney will understand and explore all options that may reduce fines, limit or eliminate jail time, and protect your driver’s license from suspension or revocation.

While your attorney can mount a serious defense, you also can make a difference in your own future by remembering that the best defense starts with prevention. If you tend to consume large amounts of alcohol while out of your home, plan in advance: keep the card of a local taxi service in your pocket, arrange for a ride home from a non-drinking friend, and/or hand your car keys to the bartender when you order your first drink. If you’ve already been arrested for DUI or DWI, be sure to contact an attorney immediately. Your attorney can begin a process to protect your rights.

At Daley Law, we are passionate about knowing the law, uncovering details that influence legal outcomes, and safeguarding legal rights. Let us know if you have questions or need help. Call us at 321.504.9935, or visit http://www.DaleyLaw.com and fill out our query form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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