Protests over Police Procedure Raise Awareness of Procedural Weapons in Criminal Defense

In recent weeks, protests have erupted across the nation by individuals opposed to grand jury decisions that found no wrongdoing on the part of police attempting to apprehend criminal suspects in Ferguson, MO, and New York, NY. While protestors focus on racial aspects of those cases, they also have raised questions about police procedure.

Did you know that criminal defense does not always rest on whether or not a crime was actually committed? Nor does it rest solely in the hands of a judge or jury. Your trial attorney weighs in, too. He or she is duty bound to explore a number of valid criminal defense options to ensure that your constitutional and statutory rights have not been violated during arrest or imprisonment. An experienced trial attorney, who knows and understands the legal system and legal options—as well as police procedure—is positioned to uncover processing or procedural missteps that affect the outcome of a criminal case.

Individuals facing criminal prosecution should not attempt to represent themselves. An experienced attorney will be better able to spot points in the police investigation process and uncover the facts of your own case with the potential to alter the outcome.

Be aware that even misdemeanor crimes can carry serious long-term consequences. If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime, it is extremely important that you become familiar with your legal rights and options because the ramifications can be great. Both felony and misdemeanor charges and convictions can affect your access to credit, housing, education, and employment. Learn how an attorney can help you protect your rights, your freedom, and your reputation.

For more information, please visit or call David A. Feinswog, Esq., at 321.504.9935 to schedule a free consultation.

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